PREP 与…相对;与…相比 You use versus to indicate that two figures, ideas, or choices are opposed.

Only 18.8% of the class of 1982 had some kind of diploma four years after high school, versus 45% of the class of 1972.

1982年那一届只有18.8% 的学生在中学毕业4年后取得 了某种文凭,而1972年那一届这一比例是45%。

...bottle-feeding versus breastfeeding.



PREP (体育比赛中)与…对阵,与…竞争 Versus is used to indicate that two teams or people are competing against each other in a sporting event.

Italy versus Japan is turning out to be a surprisingly well matched competition.

介意 大利队对日本队的比赛中,两边 竟出人意料地旗鼓相当 。

...Greg Norman and Michael Campbell versus Retief Goosen and David Frost.